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What do we offer?

Corporate governance

Structuring, maintenance and auditing of Corporate Governance Systems

Corporate Risk Management

Structuring, maintenance and auditing of Corporate Risk Management Systems, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan

Compliance and Integrity

Structuring, maintenance and auditing of Compliance and Integrity Management Systems, Anti-Bribery Management and Whistleblowing Management

Internal and Defensive Investigations

Advisory advice or independent conduct of Internal and Defensive Investigations, Due Diligences and Background Checks

Digital Compliance, Cybersecurity & Forensics

Wide range of services related to technology and information security

Eticca Academy

Tailor-made, face-to-face, hybrid or remote training, lectures and workshops.

ESG (Enviromental, Social and Corporate Governance)

Complete advice for defining, monitoring and reviewing ESG goals and indicators. Compliance Audits.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Outsourcing of activities and departments related to GRC (Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance). Outsourced Committee or Board Member. Outsourcer Compliance Officer or DPO (Data Protection Officer)

Special projects

Customized projects

Do you have any internal demand for developing specific software and applications? We have the perfect team to add value to your organization. Get in touch with one of our executives right now and find out how we can help.